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What Are The Ideal Apartments For Graduate Students Near Indianapolis?

June 05, 2024
Exterior view of apartment buildings near Indiana University in Bloomington

You're moving to a new stage in life after being accepted into a master's or doctoral degree program. You need to choose a place to call home, but what should you look for in graduate housing near Indianapolis? Do you require additional space? Are you seeking better options than what is available on campus? Discover how the best community can perfectly fit your lifestyle.

Choose Off-Campus Graduate Housing In Indianapolis Befitting Your New Situation

Fitness center with aerobic and strength training equipment at apartment complex

Whether to reside on campus or not is the fundamental question most graduate students must answer. Although you liked undergraduate life, you’re eager to move past the crowded, noisy dormitories and rowdy parties. The time has come to zero in on your academics and prepare for the future, and the right off-campus graduate housing in Indianapolis will help you do just that.

Top graduate housing choices will offer the following:

  • Peace and quiet: On-campus housing - graduate or undergraduate - can be distracting. Off-campus apartments are usually a preferable choice if you appreciate some peace and quiet. Just be sure you move to the right spot.
  • Additional room: After all the years of residing in tight quarters, it’s understandable if you want to get a little more space. Off-campus choices are usually roomier.
  • Better amenities: Trying to find a pet-friendly place so you may spend your postgrad days with a furry sidekick? Would you be interested in an on-site fitness center or pool? You’re more likely to come across these types of amenities at off-campus locales.
  • Adult way of life: Your top goal on a Saturday is no longer partying with friends. To accommodate your lifestyle, you’re probably better residing in your own apartment far from the endless distractions.
  • Fewer restrictions: You probably remember the rules of dorm life. If you would like the freedom to live however you want, finding your own place away from campus is the right choice.

Find More Space Close To Campus

The best graduate housing will have amenities like this fitness center at City Flats at Renwick in Bloomington.

Like all types of real estate, location is crucial for graduate housing in Indianapolis. Although the case can be made for on-campus properties, you will probably have only a handful of possibilities. Additionally, you’ll probably have to do without extra space and amenities. Alternatively, you can lease more spacious off-campus options that are still next door to campus. You can likely get to your classes in just a few minutes.

Find Top Apartments For Graduate Students In Indianapolis At Riverview Apartments

Are you a graduate student looking for fewer distractions and more ability to live how you want? Riverview Apartments has some of the top apartments for graduate students in Indianapolis. You will love our spacious units and the sense of community that our Residents share. You’ll get the perfect combination - a fantastic spot to live that is just minutes to campus. Arrange a tour today or give us a call at 317-751-4053 to chat with a courteous leasing agent.