A J.C. Hart Apartment Community in Indianapolis, IN

Looking For Workforce Housing In Indianapolis?

Riverview Apartments is part of the workforce housing initiative in Indianapolis. Workforce housing is for middle-income workers, like teachers, nurses, and police, who want a quality apartment that’s at an affordable price and easily accessible to their downtown employers. The aim is to keep those essential workers who serve Indianapolis within the neighborhood, instead of facing long commutes from adjacent communities.

Are You Eligible For Workforce Housing in Indianapolis?

To be eligible for workforce housing, you should be a middle-income worker in Indianapolis making at or below 60% the Area Median Income. The direct income requirements are based on the number of occupants sharing the apartment.

Workforce housing rents for Riverview Apartments apartments are $988 for a studio, $1,129 for a 1 bedroom, and $1,270 for a 2 bedroom.

Contact Riverview Apartments For More Information About Workforce Housing

If you would like to know more about workforce housing in Indianapolis and would like a tour, just give us a call. Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through program eligibility and show you what Riverview Apartments has to offer. Call 317-751-4053 today.