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How To Stay Cool In Your Apartment In Indianapolis

September 27, 2021
A sunny day at the Lakeside Apartment pool.

The extreme heat of summer will often make your Indianapolis apartment hot and sticky -- especially if you occupy a unit at the top of your building. You could turn up the A/C for a quick respite and expect higher utility costs. Or you could pass your time somewhere else. Alternatively, try these recommendations to stay cool in your apartment in Indianapolis.

Optimize Your A/C To Stay Cool In Your Apartment In Indianapolis

A woman adjusting the thermostat

If you’re searching for ways to stay cool in your apartment in Indianapolis, it’s often enticing to adjust the A/C. Unfortunately, operating your A/C equipment at top capacity will become costly, and it’s not intended to cool your apartment more than 15-20 degrees lower than the outer air temperature. The better option is to run your cooling system in a more cost-effective manner by adjusting your thermostat to a slightly higher temp as you prepare to head out for work. This keeps your place from becoming too warm without overtaxing your cooling system when you’re not there. After you return home, turn it back down to a more pleasant comfort level.

Regular service of your HVAC system lets your A/C unit function at a high level of efficiency as well. Ask your maintenance team to inspect it and install new filters twice a year. A number of apartment communities schedule filter replacements during the year and supply the filters for you. Tell them if you experience any issues.

Install Window Treatments To Minimize the Impact Of The Sun’s Heat

Modern living room on a sunny day. 

Windows are known to bring in a fair amount of heat. Shielding your rooms with suitable window treatments will play a critical role in blocking the sun’s rays. Get started by keeping your apartment blinds closed. The basic white blinds used in many apartments will redirect a bit of the sun’s heat. You can then install room-darkening curtains. These thicker window coverings guard against those powerful sun rays and can help keep your unit several degrees cooler. Most apartment communities are fine if you hang window treatments as long as you fix any holes you make before you vacate the premises.

If you enjoy the scenery of your surroundings to a point that you don’t want to cover your windows, try window films that reflect heat. This smart, see-through solution adheres to your windows and obstructs heat but not your perspective. While you’re at it, put adhesive weatherstripping along the window to limit the intrusion of hot air while keeping cooler air inside.

Get Your Air Circulating With Fans

Fans help ensure ideal airflow and ventilation throughout your apartment’s layout to help you stay cool. Place your choice of fans by a vent to circulate your treated air. If you already use overhead fans, set them to spin counterclockwise. The fan blades will force cool air downward.

If you have access to bathroom or kitchen exhaust fans, you should consider using these as well. Usually, these fans pull warmer air from your space and move it to your building’s exterior when you shower or cook, but they can be run at any time. Power them on when you arrive home from a long day to remove the warm, stale air that gathers within your walls during the day while your air conditioner or ceiling fans exchange it with cooler air.

Avoid Using The Oven When It’s Hot

A dark cabinet kitchen with red walls facing the oven and sink. 
Ovens and stoves emanate quite a bit of heat when in use. If you’re already struggling to stay cool in your apartment in Indianapolis, avoid using these appliances. As an alternative, cook meals in a crockpot, microwave, or instant pot. You could also avoid heat sources completely with a refreshing salad and hearty sandwich. A chilled beverage and something sweet from the freezer for your final course will help you overcome the summer heat too!

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