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How To Secure Your Apartment In Indianapolis

February 08, 2023
Exterior view of Echo Park apartments in Bloomington

Safety is a top priority for everybody from new occupants to long-standing Residents. Your apartment is your refuge, an area where you are able to feel safe and comfortable. Keeping that sense of security is important to the well-being of your family or roommates and even your pets. Learning proper safety practices and making a couple upgrades to your home may keep you out of harm’s way. Just abide by these straightforward tips for securing your apartment in Indianapolis.

Always Go With “Safety First”

Outdoor swimming pool at apartment complex

Your apartment complex already has a range of security devices set up to help keep occupants away from harm, but you need to use them appropriately! Make sure to secure all entryways behind you, especially if it is only used with a card, key, or passcode from a Resident, like a workout area or pool. If your complex has door buzzer systems or keypad codes for entry, only utilize them for your own visitors. Opening doors for strangers can cause a dangerous situation for you and your neighbors!

Speaking of your fellow occupants, they are important in securing your apartment in Indianapolis. Become familiar with your neighbors and determine where they live. That familiarity helps you discern if any suspicious characters are lurking about. Your fellow tenants could also be looking out for your best interests should a situation take place. In the end, safety is a group effort!

Implements to Secure Your Apartment in Indianapolis

Bedroom with lights on at Spark Apartments in Fishers

Security tools are paramount to securing your apartment. Below are some widely-known and practical devices and how to integrate them:

  1. Door locks: Your entry points are made with locks - utilize them! Intruders search for the path of least resistance. Remembering to lock your various access points before bed and before you leave is many times all it takes to discourage the novice burglar.
  2. Sliding door bar: A sliding back door can be a one of the first places a prowler may check. Putting a security bar on the track to stop it from opening makes it nearly impossible for entry.
  3. Video cameras: Your building may have video surveillance installed to protect Residents, but installing your own can be smart. Situate them by entrances like your sliding door or above a main walkway in the apartment to maintain a watchful eye.
  4. Programmable lights: A straightforward way for securing your apartment in Indianapolis is to use lights that will make potential criminals suspect you’re on site. Smart light bulbs that may be scheduled to switch on at specified points or activated via a mobile device app will make it seem like occupants are there.
  5. Window treatments: As simple as it sounds, limiting vision into your apartment keeps expensive belongings away from prying eyes and keeps prowlers guessing if you’re present or not.

Having Locks Rekeyed Or Replaced Is A Smart Measure

Man replacing a door lock

Prior to moving in, it’s a good idea to find out if the door has been replaced or rekeyed. Asking about new locks is wise to be certain the prior renter can’t get into your new apartment. If it hasn’t been updated, this is something that the property owner should take care of for you.

Renters Insurance Is Smart To Have

No matter if you implement all of these tips on how to secure your apartment in Indianapolis, renters insurance is still a must. Your insurer will back you up and assist you in replacing your lost possessions should something happen. Give yourself peace of mind with a renters insurance plan.

Ready To Pick Your New Place In Indianapolis?

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