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Does It Make Sense To Live Close To Work Or Commute In Indianapolis?

November 10, 2021
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Living near the office is convenient, but what do you do if you have trouble finding a neighboring community you like? Is a long commute a possibility if you’re able to live in an amazing apartment? How do you decide, and is it possible to pinpoint the right apartment near work in Indianapolis? If you’re having trouble figuring out if you should live close to work or commute in Indianapolis, take a moment to consider these questions first.

How Much Money Will You Save Living Close To Where You Work Vs. Having A Nicer Apartment In Indianapolis?

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Will it be financially wise for you to live close to work or commute in Indianapolis? Dependent on where you work, rental costs may too much. You will likely locate a more suitable spot with added space for less money if you move out a bit from your target area. On the other hand, additional drive time equates to you spending more for gas and car maintenance. It’s possible that you will even take on added costs for carry-out food, child care, and other daily necessities if you have less time at home.

When moving within a short distance of your job, you could save money as you’ll have more time at home. After you calculate the estimated payments of living close to where you work vs. having a nice apartment elsewhere in Indianapolis, you will be able to decide which solution makes more financial sense.

Does Added Drive Time Impact Your Health?

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Commuting during rush hour increases your stress levels, and being stationary for an extended time also isn’t healthy. If you live in a lovely apartment with all the conveniences you were looking for, you probably won’t mind a lengthier driver to your job. When you get home, you are able to take a relaxing swim and let the anxiety of the day disappear. Also, if your property offers an exercise area, you are able to make up for the downtime you spent in your car. And of course, if you work remotely, you get to enjoy your well-equipped apartment throughout the day! On the other hand, for numerous residents who are required to work in the office each day, the health risks aren’t worth a longer drive, and you could decide you’re in a better state of mind when you reduce your time driving.

Is Your Workplace In A Liveable Neighborhood?

Your life away from the daily grind is important as well. Renting a place near your workplace may not work for you if it isn’t near your children’s school or the restaurants, bars, and shops you prefer. You’ll just spend extra time driving picking up or dropping off children or running errands.

You might reconsider moving near your job if the neighborhood is noisier than you want. If you have to listen to traffic all night long, you probably should relocate further down the road where you can rest easily before you get up a little earlier for your commute.

Convinced You Can’t Have Your Ideal Apartment Next To Your Office? Riverview Apartments Can Help

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Indianapolis has an array of appealing properties to consider. If you request some help, friends and work associates can tell you about their favorite communities near your job. You may want to visit a few different properties to find what you’re looking for, but the effort will be rewarded when you find an apartment that perfectly meets your lifestyle and a manageable drive to your job.

Another smart choice is to start your search at Riverview Apartments. We offer roomy units in a popular Indianapolis area in close proximity to dining, entertainment, schools, and businesses. To learn more about our incredible community, contact 317-751-4053 or arrange a tour with our leasing specialists.